What is another word for slantwise?

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[ slˈantwa͡ɪz], [ slˈantwa‍ɪz], [ s_l_ˈa_n_t_w_aɪ_z]

Slantwise is an adverb that describes the position or direction of something that is not straight or perpendicular. If you want to express the same idea using different words, you can try synonyms like obliquely, diagonally, askew, or at an angle. These words vividly convey the sense of something that is inclined or tilted, or that deviates from the usual vertical or horizontal orientation. Other similar words that can replace slantwise include skew, slanting, sloping, canted, leaning, or tilting. Using synonyms for slantwise can enrich your writing and help you avoid repetition, while also adding a nuanced and descriptive touch to your descriptions and observations.

How to use "Slantwise" in context?

The word "slantwise" is used in reference to a particular type of writing, which is characterized by a bias towards one side of a discussion or argument. In other words, slantwise writing is biased in favor of one side of a complicated argument, or in favor of presenting one side of an argument in a way that favors that side.

Slantwise writing can be a form of bias, and can often be deceptive. It can lead readers to believe that one side of an argument is more valid than the other, or that one side of an argument is more accurately represented than the other.

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