What is another word for slave ant?

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[ slˈe͡ɪv ˈant], [ slˈe‍ɪv ˈant], [ s_l_ˈeɪ_v ˈa_n_t]

The term "slave ant" refers to an ant species that uses captured ants from another species as their workers. However, there are several synonyms that describe this relationship in more detail. For example, "industrious parasites" refers to the slave ants that extract resources from their hosts. "Raiding ants" describe the slave-making ants that invade the nests of other ant species to collect their nestmates. "Marauders" and "thieves" are also used to describe slave-making ants. Alternatively, the host ants that are enslaved are sometimes labeled as "enslaved ants," "host ants," or "dominated ants." Whatever the term, the relationship between these ant species is complex and fascinating.

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    Slave ants are very small ants that work for their queen and are responsible for carrying out most of the queen's tasks. They are also very quick and efficient at working, which is why they are often used in experiments to see how quickly tasks can be completed.

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