What is another word for slickers?

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[ slˈɪkəz], [ slˈɪkəz], [ s_l_ˈɪ_k_ə_z]

Slickers are a type of rain gear that are designed to keep the wearer dry during wet weather conditions. While the term "slickers" is commonly used to describe this type of clothing, there are also a number of other synonyms that can be used to refer to them. Some of these synonyms include raincoats, macs, parkas, anoraks and waterproof jackets. Each of these different terms can be used to describe slightly different types of rain gear, depending on their design and intended use. By using these different synonyms, you can add variety to your language and express yourself in more nuanced ways.

Synonyms for Slickers:

How to use "Slickers" in context?

When most people think of slickers, they might think of someone who is dirty and unkempt. In fact, the term "slicker" can refer to anyone who tries to look clean and respectable. Slickers are often people who are trying to fake being clean and proper. They may wear a suit that is a little too tight or a shirt that is too clean. Slickers are often people who are trying to hide their true nature.

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