What is another word for slouchy?

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[ slˈa͡ʊt͡ʃi], [ slˈa‍ʊt‍ʃi], [ s_l_ˈaʊ_tʃ_i]

When it comes to describing something as "slouchy," there are a plethora of other words that can be used to convey a similar meaning. Some synonyms for "slouchy" might include "saggy," which is often used to describe clothing that hangs down and doesn't fit snugly. Another option might be "droopy," which commonly refers to items that are hanging or hanging down low. Other synonyms might include "loose," "baggy," "sloppy," or "laid-back." Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the exact context and the desired tone of the description.

How to use "Slouchy" in context?

1. Slouching is a casual fashion style that has been popularized in the 2010s. It is characterized by a slumped posture, where the person's shoulders and lower back are rounded. Slouching can be done for aesthetic or comfort reasons.

2. Slouching can be done for aesthetic or comfort reasons. A slumped posture is often more comfortable, as it allows the person to sit or stand in a more relaxed way. It can also look more stylish when done correctly, depending on the person's clothing choice.

3. Slouching can be done for a variety of reasons.

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