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Slugger is a term commonly used in baseball to describe a player who has a strong hitting ability. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe a slugger. One common synonym is "power hitter," which defines a player who can hit the ball hard and far. Another popular synonym is "heavy hitter," which emphasizes the strength of the hitter's swing. "Basher" also refers to a hard hitter who can hit the ball with significant power. "Masher" is a similar term used to describe a hitter who can mash the ball. Overall, these synonyms all describe the same type of player - someone with the ability to hit the ball with strength and power.

How to use "Slugger" in context?

In baseball, slugging is the act of hitting a pitched ball with great force, usually resulting in an extra base hit. Slugging can be achieved by several different swings, but the most common approach is to start from a deep stance, drive the ball hard towards the center of the field, and keep the bat close to the ball throughout the swing. Power hitters who slug often hit for extra bases, hitting many balls over the fence.

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