What is another word for sluiceway?

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[ slˈuːswe͡ɪ], [ slˈuːswe‍ɪ], [ s_l_ˈuː_s_w_eɪ]

Sluiceway is a term commonly used in hydraulic engineering and construction, referring to a channel or passage built to regulate water flow. Synonyms for sluiceway include watercourse, waterway, canal, ditch, channel, and conduit. Watercourse typically refers to a natural waterway that is suitable for sailing, while waterway refers to any artificial canal or channel intended for navigation. Canal refers to a large, man-made waterway used for transportation, irrigation, or drainage, while ditch pertains to a small and shallow channel dug on the ground. Channel serves as a general term for any course through which fluids run, while conduit refers specifically to a pipe or tube used to carry water or electricity.

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How to use "Sluiceway" in context?

The sluiceway system, or tunnel, is a method of conveyance used to move water or other fluid substances. These tunnels may be linear, or may form a series of interconnected channels. Common applications for a sluiceway system include water supply, sewage, and environmental remediation.

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