What is another word for smelly?

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A synonym for the word "smelly" is "stinky." Another synonym for "smelly" is "pungent," which is a word used to describe a strong or unpleasant odor. Another word that could be used instead of "smelly" is "rank," which means offensive or foul-smelling. "Fetid" is another synonym for "smelly" and is often used to describe a smell that is rotten or decaying. "Putrid" is also a common synonym for "smelly," and is used to describe a smell that is offensive or disgusting. Ultimately, there are many different synonyms for the word "smelly," and the particular word chosen will depend on the context and intensity of the odor being described.

How to use "Smelly" in context?

When most people hear the word "smelly," they immediately think of body odor. However, there are other types of smelly situations that can be just as irritating. For example, if your home smells like feet, it's likely because you've got a chair or rug that's not being properly cleaned. Sneaky pet smells can also be a problem; if your pooch is constantly leaving skid marks on the furniture, you may want to invest in a pet odor prevention product. In short, any time your environment smells unpleasant, there's probably a good chance you can solve the issue by taking some simple measures.

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