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Smother is a verb that means to suffocate someone or something by covering them completely. There are various synonyms for this word, which can be used depending on the context and the degree of intensity. Some of the commonly used synonyms for smother are stifle, suppress, choke, strangle, suffocate, muffle, blanket, and quench. These terms are often used interchangeably, and each has its own unique connotation. For example, stifle is usually used to describe the act of suppressing a feeling or reaction, while suffocate is used specifically to describe the process of dying from lack of oxygen. Therefore, using the right synonym can help convey the intended meaning more effectively.

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Most people use the term "smother" as a verb to mean to cover someone or something with a large amount of something soft or cushy. The verb comes from the noun smother, which is defined as a act of smothering or smotheringness. This occurs when a substance, such as gas, smoke, air, or vapor, is introduced into a confined space where it can react with the surrounding air or matter to create a hazardous or fatal atmosphere.

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