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The word "snatched" means quickly taking something away from someone's grasp. Its synonyms could vary depending on the context of the word's use. Some of its synonyms could include grabbed, seized, caught, plucked, yanked, extracted, gripped, or pocketed. For example, a thief might "snatch" a purse from its owner, while a bird might "snatch" a worm from the ground. In both cases, the action of taking something quickly and efficiently is demonstrated. "Snatched" can also be used metaphorically to indicate something that is taken suddenly, such as a chance or an opportunity. In every sense, the word "snatched" emphasizes a fast and decisive action.

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Snatched is a live-action, coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Peter Samson and starring Gal Gadot, Dana Delany, Jon Bernthal, and Hugh Laurie.

Trapped in their comfortable lives in suburban Connecticut, Judy (Dana Delany) and Andy (Jon Bernthal) are the dinner party hosts who have never really ventured out. Forced to update their world when their charmless, work-aholic neighbors move in down the street, they're excited to make new friends and finally get some action in their lives.

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