What is another word for snide?

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[ snˈa͡ɪd], [ snˈa‍ɪd], [ s_n_ˈaɪ_d]

Snide is a word that often suggests a derogatory or mocking tone. However, there are a few synonyms that convey similar connotations. One of these is sardonic, which conveys a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Another is caustic, which suggests a sharp and biting wit. A third synonym is acerbic, which suggests a bitter and cutting attitude. Finally, there is the word sarcastic, which is similar in tone to snide but usually has a more overtly humorous intent. Together, these words capture the sense of insincere or mocking speech that is often associated with snide remarks.

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How to use "Snide" in context?

Snide is a word that means to be contemptuous or to express resentment in a sly or underhanded way. In contemporary English, the word is often used as a synonym for "sarcastic." Snide can also connote a sneer or a show of contempt. The word is derived from the Middle English word sneede, meaning a sharp insult or a sneering smile.

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