What is another word for so-so?

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"So-so" is a term commonly used to describe something that is neither good nor bad, but rather average or mediocre. There are various synonyms to this term that can be used to express this sentiment, such as "in-between," "mediocre," "moderate," "fair," "middling," "okay," "tolerable," or "passable." These words can be useful for people who want to express their opinions in a more specific or nuanced way. For example, someone might describe a movie as "middling" if they thought it was not bad but also not great. Alternatively, they might use the term "tolerable" to describe a meal that was edible but not particularly tasty.

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How to use "So-so" in context?

One of the most difficult words for speakers to define is "so-so." Take a look at these five examples and see if you can guess what each one means:

The concert was so-so.

My results were so-so.

We had a so-so time at the party.

The movie was so-so.

Most people would say that all of the examples mean that the event, experience, or product was not particularly impressive, good, or bad, respectively. In other words, they're all pretty "so-so.

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