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Social insects, also known as eusocial insects, are those that live in complex social groups characterized by division of labor, cooperative brood care, and overlapping generations. Some synonyms for social insects include hive insects, communal insects, and colony insects. Bees, ants, wasps, and termites are all examples of social insects, each with their own unique behaviors and roles within their societies. These insects have evolved to have highly specialized tasks, such as workers who care for the young, foragers who gather food, and soldiers who protect the colony from threats. By working together, social insects are able to thrive and adapt in a wide range of environments.

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How to use "Social insects" in context?

When most of us think of social insects, we think of ants, bees, and wasps. These insects form colonies of thousands of individuals and are some of the smartest creatures on Earth. But there are many other types of social insects, including some that are less well known.

Some social insects make their nests out of nothing but air. The most famous of these is the silkworm, which produces a strong fiber that can be used to make many products, including fabric and even cars.

Some social insects are pollinators. This means that they help to spread plants' pollen.

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