What is another word for socket?

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Socket is a commonly used term, but there are various synonyms that we can use to describe the same thing. The first synonym that comes to mind is 'outlet,' which is a point in a wall where we can plug in electrical devices. Another word we can use is 'receptacle,' which typically refers to an object that receives or holds something. 'Jack,' 'coupling,' and 'connector' are all other terms that can be used interchangeably with the word socket. Interestingly, 'faceplate' and 'wall plate' are also synonyms of socket that refer to the cover or plate that surrounds an electrical outlet. Knowing these synonyms can help us vary our language and express ourselves more accurately and efficiently.

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Socket technology enables two computers to communicate with each other. A socket is like a communication port on a computer. It can be used to send and receive data.

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