What is another word for sole?

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The word "sole" can refer to the bottom part of a foot or shoe or can mean the only one or solitary. There are various synonyms for this term depending on the context of its use. For instance, for the meaning of only, one can use words like solitary, exclusive, unique, or lone. For referring to the bottom of a foot or shoe, synonyms include the footpad, underside, or the base. Alternatively, when used in legal terms, "sole" can refer to ownership, in which case you can use synonyms such as exclusive ownership, full ownership, or single ownership. In essence, the range of synonyms for the term "sole" vary from context to context and are used to help us express ourselves more succinctly and accurately.

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    Many people enjoy wearing the comfort and support of shoes, but some people are not able to use traditional shoes. These people are known as "soles." Sole people have a disability that makes it difficult for them to use traditional shoes. There are many different types of soles, but all of them have one thing in common: they are not able to use traditional shoes.

    Soles are often able to use specialized shoes that have been specifically made for them. These specialized shoes are often lighter and have more padding than traditional shoes. They are also often made to be more flexible.

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