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Solenidae is a family of bivalve mollusks that are commonly known as razor clams due to their long and narrow shells. There are several synonyms for Solenidae that are used in the scientific literature and among researchers. Some of these synonyms include the terms Ensis, Solen, and Tagelus. These names were used to describe species that were later classified under Solenidae. The choice of name depends on the morphological characteristics of the species and the geographic location where they are found. Despite these different names, Solenidae remains the most widely used and recognized name for this family of bivalves.

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The solenidae are a family of medium to large saltwater fish that inhabit both fresh and salt water, usually living in tropical and subtropical regions. This family of fishes contains some of the most popular and well-known species in the hobby, such as Clown Fish, Surgeonfish and Gourami.

The Solenidae superficially resemble certain other families of fishes, such as the Characidae, but they can be distinguished by their long, pointed snout and their prominent scales on the body and fins.

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