What is another word for soot black?

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[ sˈʊt blˈak], [ sˈʊt blˈak], [ s_ˈʊ_t b_l_ˈa_k]

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    Synonyms for Soot black:

    How to use "Soot black" in context?

    Are you looking for an all-encompassing word to describe a sooty, dingy black? Well, black soot might just fit the bill. soot black is the darkest black color, defined as a shade that is more than three quarters of the way between black and gray. It can be created by high temperatures and high concentrations of air pollutants, and it can be seen in areas that have high concentrations of industry or vehicular traffic. Black soot is often associated with urban settings, and it can have a negative impact on the environment and human health.

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