What is another word for sort out?

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There are numerous synonyms for the term "sort out," which is a phrasal verb that means to organize, resolve, or arrange things. Some common synonyms include categorize, classify, systematize, arrange, tidy up, straighten out, clarify, solve, and fix. You can also use expressions like "put in order," "separate," "group," "organize," "resolve," and "clear up" to describe the action of sorting out something. Depending on the context, additional synonyms for "sort out" might include "dispose of," "discard," or "eliminate." Knowing these synonyms can help you to communicate more effectively and clearly when you need to describe the action of organizing or resolving a situation.

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How to use "Sort out" in context?

The word "sort" is derived from the Old French word "sortir," meaning "to leave out, dismiss, eject." It originally referred to the process of selecting a desirable item from a group of less desirable items. This still happens in daily life, for example when we decide which clothes to wear. We "sort" them according to our personal preference.

Sorting programs are used for many different purposes. For example, one type of sorting is used in databases. When data is entered into a database, it is usually multiple records per file.

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