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A sorter is a person or machine that separates items into groups or categories based on certain criteria. There are several synonyms for the word sorter, including classifier, arranger, organizer, segregator, and selector. A classifier is someone or something that categorizes objects or information, while an arranger is someone who puts things in order. An organizer is a person or tool that helps to sort and arrange items in a more organized manner. A segregator is a tool that separates and divides materials based on their characteristics. Finally, a selector is someone or something that chooses specific items from a larger group based on certain criteria, such as size, color, or shape.

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The sorting machine is an ingenious invention that has changed the way products are distributed and stored. The sorting machines use sensors and algorithms to efficiently organize and classify products. The sorting machine can be used in a variety of industries, from distribution and production to retail and wholesale.

The sorting machines are controlled by computers and use sensors to determine the difference between the products. The sorting machines can be divided into two main categories: ram sorting machines and bubble tube sorting machines. Bubble tube sorting machines are the most popular and are used in the production and distribution industries. Ram sorting machines are used in the retail and wholesale industries.

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