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Sortie refers to a departure or excursion, especially one made by a military unit. Synonyms for sortie include expedition, foray, incursion, sortie, raid, sally, and reconnaissance. Expedition refers to a journey or voyage undertaken for a specific purpose, often involving adventure or discovery. Foray is a sudden attack, particularly against an enemy or a rival. Incursion is an invasion or raid into enemy territory or a hostile area. Raid and sally are related, as both involve a swift and sudden attack. Finally, reconnaissance refers to a mission undertaken to gather information about an area or enemy position, typically by a military unit.

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The sortie is a naval term meaning an organized naval assault. A sortie typically consists of a small number of vessels, aircraft, or both, deployed for the purpose of accomplishing a specific objective. The sortie can be used to provide covering fire for an amphibious landing, to seize an enemy installation or to interdict a proposed enemy convoy.

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