What is another word for sou?

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The word "sou" is an old French term for a small amount of money. In modern times, it is commonly used to describe a very small or negligible value. Some synonyms for sou include penny, cent, pittance, trifle, and minuscule amount. Other words that could be used to describe a small amount of money include a copper, a farthing, and a haypenny. In some contexts, the word "sou" may be used metaphorically, to describe something of little value or importance. In such instances, words such as insignificance, smallness, triviality, and unimportance may be employed as synonyms for "sou".

How to use "Sou" in context?

1. sou (Japanese: ソウ, Hepburn: So) is the Japanese word for "soy sauce." The word is written with the kanji 酢 (sou), meaning "soy sauce," and with the radical 圓 (uo), meaning "drum."

2. Soy sauce is a ubiquitous condiment in East and Southeast Asia, where it is used in both cooked and raw dishes. In Japan, soy sauce is used not only as a seasoning but also as a dipping sauce and as a main ingredient in many dishes.

Hyponym for Sou:

  • n.

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