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The term source refers to the origin or starting point of something. It could refer to the beginning of a stream, a person who gives information, or a reference book. Synonyms for the word source include origin, cause, start, root, beginning, and inception. Some other similar terms include spring, fountainhead, wellspring, reservoir, and supply. In the context of information or data, a synonym for source can be the author, creator, or publisher. In technology, the source code is the original code that a software program is developed from. Overall, source is a versatile term with numerous synonyms depending on the context that it is used in.

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How to use "Source" in context?

There are many different sources of information. For example, a person can get information from books, articles, speeches, TV shows, movies, etc. The type of information that a person can get from each source is different.

When a person is looking to find information, they might start by looking in books. Books are a good source of information because they are dense with information. For example, if a person wants to know about the history of the United States, they would look in a book about American history.

Another source of information is articles. Articles are a way to get information quickly.

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