What is another word for spacecraft?

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Spacecraft refers to a vehicle or machine that is designed to operate in outer space. Some of the synonyms for spacecraft include space probe, satellite, shuttle, rocket, spaceship, lunar lander, and planetary explorer. A space probe is an unmanned spacecraft that is sent to conduct research in space. A satellite is a spacecraft that orbits around a planet or a moon. A shuttle is a spacecraft that is designed to travel back and forth between space and Earth. Rockets are powerful vehicles that are used to propel spacecraft into orbit. Spaceships are manned spacecraft that can support human life. Lunar landers are specifically designed to land on the moon, while planetary explorers are spacecraft that are sent to other planets to gather data and conduct research.

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How spacecraft work is a mystery to us, but it's something that we take for granted every day. Spacecraft are massive machines that take us beyond our planet and allow us to explore new worlds. They are powered by engines that send them hurtling through space, and they rely onthrust from their pilots to keep them pointed in the right direction. But how do spacecraft work?

A spacecraft usually consists of three main parts: the body, the propulsion system, and the control system. The body is essentially the spacecraft's frame, and it contains all of the machinery that makes it move.

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