What is another word for spar?

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The word "spar" has several synonyms that describe different aspects of the word. In terms of physical activity, "spar" can refer to practice fighting or boxing and synonyms for this include sparring, training, and practicing. When used in terms of verbal debate, "spar" can mean to argue or dispute and synonyms for this include debate, argue, dispute, and disagree. Additionally, in boating, "spar" refers to a pole used to support sails and synonyms for this include mast, yard, and boom. Understanding the context in which "spar" is being used can help determine which synonym is most appropriate to use.

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    Spar is a term used to describe the distance between two points on a horizontal surface. It is measured in feet, yards or meters.

    The word spar comes from the Old Norse word "spara" meaning "to save." It was originally used to describe the distance between hunting dogs that were marking their prey. When hunters drew near, the dogs would spara, or save, their scent.

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