What is another word for spay?

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Spaying is a surgical procedure done to remove the reproductive organs of female animals. Synonyms for spay are neuter, sterilize, fix, desex, castrate, and emasculate. Neutering and sterilizing refer to the elimination of the animal's capacity to reproduce, while fixing is a general term that encompasses both neutering and spaying. Desex, on the other hand, refers specifically to removing the sexual function of an animal. Castration is the removal of the testicles from male animals. Emasculate is an old-fashioned term that means to remove the masculinity or strength from a male animal. Regardless of the synonym used, spaying is an essential procedure that helps control the population of unwanted animals.

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The Humane Society of the United States has a ready answer to the question of why myths abound about spaying and neutering pets: "HCAUSES MORE SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEMS IN PETS" Removal of the ovaries and uterus decreases the number of heat cycles a female pet may have over her lifetime, leading to a decreased incidence of mammary tumors, ovarian cysts, and other health problems. Male pets who are spayed or neutered also experience a decreased incidence of urinary tract problems.

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