What is another word for spill the beans?

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"Spill the beans" is a common phrase that is often used to describe the act of revealing a secret. However, there are many other colloquialisms and idioms that can be used to convey the same meaning. Some synonyms for "spill the beans" include "let the cat out of the bag", "blabbermouth", "leak the information", "give the game away", "betray a confidence", and "uncover the truth". Each of these phrases offers a unique way to describe a person who has revealed a secret or shared information that was meant to be kept confidential. Ultimately, it is important to be careful with sensitive information to avoid the need for any of these synonyms.

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How to use "Spill the beans" in context?

What is spill the beans?

To spill the beans is to reveal something confidential, secret, or private. It can also mean to spill coffee or other beverage on one's clothes or furniture. The term can be used to refer to spilling news or information in any context, but is often most popularly used to describe revealing personal information, such as during a job interview.

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