What is another word for spillage?

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Spillage, a noun that describes a situation in which a liquid or substance is spilled, has a variety of synonyms that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. One such synonym is "leakage," which refers to a slow or steady discharge of a fluid or gas. "Overflow" is another synonym, used when a container or vessel containing a liquid is filled beyond its capacity and spills over. "Drippage" describes a situation where a liquid is dripping or oozing, while "runoff" is used to describe the result of spilled outside, such as during a storm. "Seepage" is often used to describe in a slow and steady leak of liquids over an extended period of time.

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    How to use "Spillage" in context?

    Spillage is the unintentional release of fluid or other material from a controlled environment, such as a manufacturing line. Spillage can occur from a variety of sources, including: defects in the manufacturing process, human error, violations of safety regulations, and natural disasters.

    The immediate effects of spillage can be devastating, as the released material can travel rapidly and cause significant damage. In the worst cases, spillage can lead to mass casualties and environmental contamination.

    Managing spillage is a critical component of ensuring safe and productive manufacturing environments.

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