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A spire is a tall and pointed architectural Finial that adds an ornamental and aesthetic value to buildings. Some different synonyms of spire include peak, pinnacle, apex, summit, tower, steeple, obelisk, and minaret. Each of these words has its unique connotation and usage, but they all describe an elevated point or peak of a structure or object. A steeple is a similar term but often refers explicitly to religious buildings and structures. Minarets are also a spire-like form that is frequently found on mosques and Islamic structures. While all of these words share a similarity to spire, they offer different characteristics, aesthetics, and contextual applications.

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The spire of a church or other large building is often a prominent feature. The word comes from the Latin word "spire," which means "to prick." A spire is a tall structure, typically a tower, used as a roof or a support for a roof, such as a cathedral's dome.

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