What is another word for spirit rapping?

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Spirit rapping is a term used to describe a method of communicating with the spirit world, where tapping or knocking sounds are believed to be made by spirits in response to questions. However, there are many other words and phrases that could be used to describe this concept. Some synonyms might include table tipping, seances, automatic writing, or Ouija boards. Other terms that could be used to convey the idea of spirit communication could include mediumship or channeling. Regardless of the specific terminology used, the concept of spirit rapping has long been a fascination for those interested in the paranormal or the possibilities of otherworldly communication.

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Spirit rapping is a type of music that typically originates from the African-American community. Spirit rapping is often characterized by its use of metaphors and broken rhythm, and often communicates the the rapper's experiences and feelings. Spirit rapping is often used to address social and political issues that the rapper feels are important.

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