What is another word for spitball?

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[ spˈɪtbɔːl], [ spˈɪtbɔːl], [ s_p_ˈɪ_t_b_ɔː_l]

Spitball is a term often used to refer to an act of flicking a small wad of paper across a room or at someone else. It is considered a juvenile act and is usually done for fun or mischief. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe this act. Some synonyms for spitball include paper pellet, paper dart, paper wad, paper missile, and paper shot. While the act itself may be harmless, it is important to remember to always be respectful of others and to avoid doing anything that may be considered bullying or disrespectful.

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    If you've ever played catch with a friend, you've probably thrown a spitball. The game is simple - you and your partner each take turns saying a word. If the word is in the other person's vocabulary, they have to catch the ball. If they catch the ball, they get to throw it back. The first person to miss three times loses the game. Spitballs are great for cooling off during summer days or for when you just don't feel like playing catch with a real ball.

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