What is another word for splice?

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Splice, which means to join two pieces of rope or wire together, has a few synonyms such as join, connect, unite, and link. To connect two pieces of something by weaving or braiding, one can use splice as well as intertwine, interlace, or interweave. To add or attach something, the word splicing can be replaced with affix, attach, or append. Moreover, the word crimp can be used to describe a type of splice, which means to bend and compress material together. In summary, there are numerous synonyms for splice that one can use according to the context and material they are dealing with.

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    Splicing means joining two pieces of film together in order to create a longer piece. There are many different methods for this, but the most common is using a splicer. There are also a variety of different splicing tools that can be used.

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