What is another word for sprayer?

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Sprayer is a tool or device used to spray fluids like paints, pesticides, or water. There are many synonyms for the word "sprayer," such as atomizer, spritz, mister, nebulizer, vaporizer, and applicator. An atomizer is a small sprayer that produces a fine mist or spray, which is commonly used in perfume bottles. Spritz is another synonym used for a quick or light spray of liquid. A mister is similar to an atomizer but generally produces a larger amount of mist. A nebulizer is a type of sprayer used in the medical field to deliver medicine in the form of a mist or aerosol. Vaporizer is a synonym for sprayer used in the context of diffusing essential oils or humidifying the air. An applicator is a device that applies a liquid product to a surface, and it can be a form of sprayer.

How to use "Sprayer" in context?

A sprayer is a useful tool used to cover areas with a mist or liquid spray. The sprayer can be filled with any type of liquid and used to mist, drench, or even dump a liquid on an object or person. One of the most common uses for a sprayer is to disperse pesticide or herbicide over a large area.

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