What is another word for sprucely?

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[ spɹˈuːsli], [ spɹˈuːsli], [ s_p_ɹ_ˈuː_s_l_i]

Sprucely, meaning to be neat and tidy in appearance, can be described in various other ways. Some synonyms for sprucely include smartly, elegantly, stylishly, dapperly, nattily, and chicly. These words all imply a sense of sophistication and attention to detail in one's appearance. Alternatively, other synonyms for sprucely could be cleanly, immaculately, or spotlessly, which emphasize the idea of being neat and tidy. These synonyms can be applied to both personal appearances as well as the presentation of objects and surroundings. Overall, these words provide various options to describe someone or something that appears well-kept and put together.

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    How to use "Sprucely" in context?

    When used as a adjective, sprucely means with spruce andily. This adjective can be used to describe things like a room that smells like spruce, a dress made from spruce fabric, or a person who is sprucely dressed.

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