What is another word for sputter?

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[ spˈʌtə], [ spˈʌtə], [ s_p_ˈʌ_t_ə]

Sputter is a verb that describes the sound or action of something being emitted in short bursts or bursts of sound. Alternative synonyms for sputter can vary depending on context and subject matter. Some synonyms that may apply to sputter in various contexts include stutter, splutter, spurt, spit, cough, and gasp. Stutter might be used when referring to a person having difficulty speaking, while splutter is more applicable when discussing something emitting a spray of liquid or particles. Spurt typically refers to a sudden surge or burst, spit used when referring to saliva or other fluid, cough if discussing lung function, and gasp for sudden inhalations of air.

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How to use "Sputter" in context?

When you sputter, the air that is exhaled from your lungs is not in a continuous stream but comes out in small bursts. Sometimes the sputtering is accompanied by a whistling sound.

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