What is another word for squalid?

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Squalid is a term that refers to something that is extremely dirty or in a state of neglect. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of squalid, such as dilapidated, rundown, shabby, filthy, grubby, dingy, sordid, and unclean. Dilapidated implies an overall state of disrepair or neglect, while rundown suggests that something has fallen into a state of ruination. Shabby generally indicates a state of shabbiness or threadbareness, while grubby refers to something that is dirty or grimy. Dingy implies a lack of light or cleanliness, while sordid suggests that something is morally or ethically repugnant. Finally, unclean refers simply to a state of being dirty or contaminated.

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    Synonyms for Squalid:

    How to use "Squalid" in context?

    The word "squalid" has multiple definitions and can be used as both a noun and a verb. It is often used to describe something that is dirty and unkempt, or something that is low in quality. Some examples of things that might be described as squalid are a dirty room, a dirty city, or a dirty person.

    One of the main reasons that something might be described as squalid is because of the dirt and debris that is present. This may be lint from clothing, dust from the floor, or even chunks of dried-up paint.

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