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St. David is the patron saint of Wales and is celebrated on March 1st each year. Also known as Dewi Sant in Welsh, he was a bishop and founder of several monasteries in the 6th century. Other synonyms for St. David include David the Welsh, David of Wales, and David the Bishop. He is also referred to as the Apostle of the Welsh because of his efforts in spreading Christianity in Wales. Additionally, some Welsh people refer to him as "Dewi Ddyfrwr" or "David the Waterman" due to his love for water and his founding of a monastery at Glyn Rhosyn, which had a nearby stream.

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    St. David (from Old Welsh: Dewi David, meaning "David the Beautiful") is a patron saint in Wales and England. The saint is believed to have lived in the 6th century, in either Powys or Dyfed, to the south of what is now Wales. According to tradition, David was a courtier of King600 of Gwent, who admired his piety. One day, when David was out walking by the river Celli collaborative, a boar attacked him, but he was able to slay it with his sword. This act won the king's admiration, and he made David his courtier.

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