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The St. Johns River is an iconic body of water that stretches across northeastern Florida, encompassing a range of ecosystems and communities within its vast watershed. Synonyms for the St. Johns River include: the River of Lakes, due to the many lakes that flow into it; the Great River, reflecting its significance and size; and the Gateway to the Sea, as it is the only major river in Florida that flows northward and eventually out to the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, the St. Johns River is often affectionately referred to simply as "the St. Johns" by locals and visitors alike, representing its role as a vital resource and point of pride for the region.

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    The St. Johns River is a 2,000-mile-long (3,200 km) river that flows from the U.S. state of Florida to the Atlantic Ocean. The river is a major navigational route between the eastern and western United States and is a popular recreational destination.

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