What is another word for stand firm?

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[ stˈand fˈɜːm], [ stˈand fˈɜːm], [ s_t_ˈa_n_d f_ˈɜː_m]

The phrase "stand firm" means to remain resolute and unwavering in one's beliefs, stance, or position. Some synonyms for "stand firm" include "hold steady", "be steadfast", "remain resolute", "stay put", "adhere", "persist", "maintain one's position", and "stand one's ground". These phrases all convey the sense of standing up for what one believes in, regardless of outside influences or forces. Being able to stand firm is a valuable trait in personal and professional contexts, as it demonstrates strength of character and a commitment to one's values and goals.

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    When you feel like giving up on something, whether it's a goal you've set for yourself or a relationship you're fighting for, remember to stand firm. Stand your ground, don't back down, and hold your ground until the situation is resolved. Sometimes the odds are stacked against us, but if we stay strong, eventually we'll achieve our goals.

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