What is another word for stand-in?

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[ stˈandˈɪn], [ stˈandˈɪn], [ s_t_ˈa_n_d_ˈɪ_n]

A stand-in is someone who temporarily takes the place of another person or acts as a replacement. There are several synonyms available that convey the same meaning, including substitute, proxy, deputy, alternate, backup, understudy, representative, and surrogate. A substitute refers to someone or something that takes the place of another when they are absent or unavailable. A proxy is someone authorized to represent another, usually in a legal context. A deputy is someone who is appointed to take over the duties of another, usually in a political or administrative position. An alternate is someone who is ready to take over if the primary person cannot perform their duties.

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How to use "Stand-in" in context?

No one knows what a stand-in is until they experience it. When you stand-in, you are put in the place of someone who is not available. You must think on your feet, and you must be prepared to do anything that is asked of you. You must be reliable and always be there for your fellow cast or crew members. If you are selected to be a stand-in, be prepared to work long hours, and have plenty of energy. Don't forget that a stand-in is just that- a stand-in.

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