What is another word for standpat?

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[ stˈandpat], [ stˈandpat], [ s_t_ˈa_n_d_p_a_t]

The word "standpat" means to refuse to change one's views or opinions, even when confronted with new information or evidence. Synonyms for this word include stubborn, inflexible, unyielding, resolute, uncompromising, and obdurate. These words imply an unwillingness to alter one's beliefs or behavior, regardless of the consequences. Other synonyms for "standpat" include dogmatic, doctrinaire, rigid, immovable, and adamant. These terms suggest a certain rigidity, obstinacy, and resistance to change. In general, the word "standpat" connotes a fixed and unchanging mindset, one that is resistant to progress, innovation, or adaptation.

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How to use "Standpat" in context?

From "Theater ghost to overlooked police officer"

Standspatters are police officers who are often overlooked because of their quirky dress or their "standpat" behavior.

The term "standpat" was coined in England in the 1800s to describe the behavior of policemen who did not move from their positions on the street during marches or public order incidents. These officers were said to be "standing on their posts." In the United States, the term was adopted as a nickname for police officers who refused to change their dress style or adopt modernization reforms in the early 1900s.

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