What is another word for staring?

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Staring is a powerful and intense verb that conveys the act of gazing intently at something or someone. However, when used repeatedly, it may seem rude or uncomfortable. To avoid this, one can use synonyms for staring that give the same meaning and intensity without sounding impolite. Some great synonyms for staring are gazing, watching, scrutinizing, examining, inspecting, observing, eyeing, peering, glaring, and ogling. By using these synonyms, one can express their intent without causing discomfort or unease in others. Employing these alternatives also adds variety and allure to any written or spoken narrative, making it more engaging and captivating.

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How to use "Staring" in context?

There's something about staring that always feels creepy. It's like the person staring is judging us, or worse, knows something we don't. Maybe it's because we're automatically wondering what they're thinking, or because we feel like they can see right through us. But whatever the reason, staring always feels a little uncomfortable.

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