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The word "starter" can be replaced with various synonyms, depending on the context. For example, in cooking, "appetizer" or "entree" can be used instead of starter. In sports, "first-string" or "starting lineup" can be used as synonyms. "Initiator" or "instigator" can be used for starters in social or business situations. Other synonyms for starter can be "beginner," "novice," or "rookie" in contexts related to learning or starting a new job or activity. It is important to use a synonym that accurately represents the intended meaning of the word "starter" in order to avoid confusion or miscommunication.

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A starter is a small container of yummy, nutritious and delicious food designed specifically for a new pet. A starter should be high in fibre and low in salt, so it is perfect for pets who are new to eating animal-based diet.

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