What is another word for state highway?

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[ stˈe͡ɪt hˈa͡ɪwe͡ɪ], [ stˈe‍ɪt hˈa‍ɪwe‍ɪ], [ s_t_ˈeɪ_t h_ˈaɪ_w_eɪ]

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    Synonyms for State highway:

    How to use "State highway" in context?

    State highways are the backbone of the highway system in the United States. They are numbered starting with the number 1 and going up to the number 5. They are the largest and most important highways in the country. The vast majority of the country is still covered in a network of county and state highways.

    There are exceptions, of course. Interstate highways and U.S. Highways are the biggest and most important highways in the country, but they are not state highways. Interstate highways are part of the Federal Highway System, and U.S. Highways are part of the National Highway System.

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