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The word "steatornithidae" refers to a family of birds commonly known as Oilbirds. While there are no precise synonyms for this term, it can be broken down into simpler words to describe the family. For example, "steato-" means fat, "ornith-" means bird, and "-idae" is a suffix used in taxonomic classification to denote a family. Therefore, "steatornithidae" can be roughly translated to mean "fat bird family." Alternatively, it can be described as a group of nocturnal birds found in South and Central America that feed on fruit and have an oil gland that gives their plumage a greasy appearance.

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The steatornithids (from Ancient Greek "steatornis", "eyebrow", and "oikhnos", "bird") are an extinct group of birds. The group contains six extant species, five of which are seabirds. They are characterised by very large and heavy heads and necks, and thickened legs. The group is endemic to Australia, the Andes of South America, and the Aleutian Islands. The first steatornithid fossils were found in Australia in the early 1800s.

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