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Steer refers to guiding or directing something, often used in the context of driving or sailing. Some synonyms for steer include guide, navigate, pilot, direct, lead, and command. These words all convey the idea of being in control of a situation, whether it is a vehicle or a group. Other synonyms for steer may depend on the context of its use, such as shepherd for steering a flock of sheep or counsel for steering someone towards making a decision. No matter the synonyms used, steering requires careful attention and a clear direction towards a desired outcome.

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The word "steer" is derived from the Old English word "stier", meaning "strong horse." Today, the word "steer" is used most commonly to refer to domesticated cattle or hogs, but can also be used to refer to livestock of other types, such as goats or sheep. Cattle are usually steered using their shoulders and a gentle hand, while hogs are usually steered using their head.

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