What is another word for stetson?

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A Stetson is typically a type of wide-brimmed felt hat with a high crown that is most commonly associated with the American West. However, there are several synonyms for this iconic headwear. A few options might include a cowboy hat, a ten-gallon hat, a dysart hat or a rancher hat. While the term Stetson is often used interchangeably with cowboy hat, the company Stetson is a specific brand that has become synonymous with the Western style hat. No matter the name, this type of hat is often associated with cowboys, ranchers, and old Western movies.

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    The stetson, also known as the Stetson Hat, is a shaped piece of cloth that is worn on the head. It was invented by John Stetson, a hat-maker in the town of Nottingham, Connecticut, in 1883. The Stetson has become a symbol of the American cowboy.

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