What is another word for stick-in-the-mud?

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[ stˈɪkɪnðəmˈʌd], [ stˈɪkɪnðəmˈʌd], [ s_t_ˈɪ_k_ɪ_n_ð_ə_m_ˈʌ_d]

Stick-in-the-mud is a term used to describe someone who lacks enthusiasm, is dull, and does not adapt well to change. Synonyms for this term include traditionalist, conservative, unimaginative, old-fashioned, uninventive, and unadventurous. Other synonyms for stick-in-the-mud can include fuddy-duddy, square, and old fogey. Those who are hesitant to try new things can also be called a stick-in-the-mud. It is important to remember that these terms may be used to describe someone negatively, so it is essential to evaluate the situation and speak with respect and kindness. Being a stick-in-the-mud does not necessarily define a person's entire character, and everyone has different preferences and comfort levels.

Synonyms for Stick-in-the-mud:

How to use "Stick-in-the-mud" in context?

sometimes people are called "stick-in-the-mud" because they don't want to change or do anything new. they don't want to try something new or be adventurous. they just want to stay the way they are.

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