What is another word for stipulates?

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Stipulates is a verb that refers to making a specific demand or requirement as a condition of an agreement. Some synonyms for stipulates include mandate, require, insist, specify, demand, prescribe, oblige, and impose. These words all suggest a certain level of inflexibility and detail in the conditions being set. Other similar words include dictate, decree, establish, and ordain, which convey a sense of authority in setting the terms of an agreement. When negotiating terms or drafting contracts, it is important to consider the nuances of these synonyms to ensure that the language accurately reflects the specific requirements and expectations of each party involved.

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    A stipulate, also known as a rider, is a provision in a written contract that modifies the terms of the agreement. A stipulate may be written or oral, though most are written. For example, a company might agree to deliver products by a certain date, but add a stipulate that the products must be delivered in perfect condition. A stipulate can also take the form of an amendment. For example, a company might agree to sell a product for $50 per unit, but add a stipulate that the price must be adjusted to reflect increased costs.

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