What is another word for stipulation?

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A stipulation refers to a specific condition or requirement that must be met. Synonyms for stipulation include term, condition, specification, requirement, provision, term of contract, prerequisite, agreement, covenant, clause, and arrangement. These words all refer to something that must be fulfilled or met in order to receive a particular outcome or result. Stipulations can be found in legal documents, contracts, and agreements. It is important to pay close attention to the stipulations outlined in a document as they may have consequences if not adhered to. Using synonyms for stipulation can provide clarity and precision in language, ensuring that the intended meaning is conveyed accurately.

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    When parties come to an agreement about a legal matter, one of the terms of the agreement may be a stipulation. This is a statement by one of the parties in the agreement that they will not pursue a certain course of action in the event that a clause in the agreement is not followed. stipulations are common in agreements involving families, businesses, and other groups, as they serve as a way to reduce the likelihood of future conflict.

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