What is another word for stone age?

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The term "Stone Age" refers to a period in history when stone tools were used extensively. Synonyms for this period include "prehistoric era," "paleolithic age," "stone tool era," or "early man era." Some scholars use the term "lithic era," which focuses on the use of stone tools, while others prefer "hunter-gatherer era" to emphasize the subsistence strategies of these early societies. Another term is "Neolithic age," which refers to a later time when humans began using agriculture and other innovations to develop more complex societies. Regardless of the term used, the Stone Age is an important period in human history that provided the foundation for the development of modern societies.

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How to use "Stone age" in context?

Stone age is a time period that ranges from the Paleolithic era, which spanned from 2.6 million to 10,000 BC, to the Neolithic era, which followed, ending around 7,000 BC. During the Stone Age, humans became adept at making stone tools and weapons. They also began to domesticate plants and animals. The Stone Age is marked by the emergence of Homo sapiens as the dominant species on the planet.

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