What is another word for stop bath?

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[ stˈɒp bˈaθ], [ stˈɒp bˈaθ], [ s_t_ˈɒ_p b_ˈa_θ]

Stop bath is used in photography to halt the developing process of film or photographic paper. However, there are a few alternative names and synonyms that can be used to describe a stop bath solution. Some common names include stop solution, fixing bath, or simply, fixer. Additionally, some photographers may choose to use an acid stop bath, which can be referred to as an acidic fixer or an acidic stop. Ultimately, the function of the solution remains the same, regardless of what it is called. It is important to use a stop bath to ensure that the film or photographic paper does not continue to develop beyond the desired level and to produce a high-quality, consistent result.

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